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‘About 85 per cent of board members were male, and many were "old white men in their 60s…Some of them need to move on and allow for diversity and new talent…" ’ Julie Anne Genter, Minister for Women Speaking to students at Christchurch's Cobham Intermediate School recently 38 year old Genter, (who herself may not… Continue reading Genterification?

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Muddle-earth: Confusing the Ages of Retirement and Superannuation

“There's going to be fewer workers, and more retirees. If you look at the maths, it doesn't look good. Something has to be done. Raising the retirement age, at some stage, is, I think, inevitable." Cameron Bagrie, Bagrie Economics Cameron Bagrie, the former chief economist of ANZ,  recently said that  raising the retirement age is… Continue reading Muddle-earth: Confusing the Ages of Retirement and Superannuation

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Silververve: Keeping spry and useful

“ … As you move toward late middle age, you start to worry: is gossip enough to keep me cerebrally spry? The awful spectre of dementia looms over the horizon. How to stave it off? Ideas! The more educated you are, the better your odds of beating dementia even as you get older … This… Continue reading Silververve: Keeping spry and useful