“Look for the Silver Lining!”    Chet Baker

Silververve is a network of mature, lively people who are at or near the end of a career  and are starting a new life chapter. They are more interested in re-tyrement than retirement-getting some new traction in their lives. They want to remain mentally, physically and socially active and, above all, to still make a difference to individuals, organisations and the wider community.

They look forward to a new  lease of life  in their Third Age by being involved with others via online and live networking-with-purpose and in occasional voluntary or remunerated projects and assignments where they can share their knowledge and experience. A current example is Co=Gen.

Co-Gen: Personal and Leadership Development for Millennials+

Co=Gen is a personal and leadership development programme on the Zoom Platform for people in the age range 21-39 with leadership potential.

The programme is facilitated by experienced Silververve coaches, who bridge the generational gap to unlock the creative energy of Millennials through knowledge and resources sharing.

How can Co=Gen put potential leaders onto a sustainable personal and professional growth arc?  Through a spaced diet of food for thought and action, small group discussions plus takeaway resources, supportive coaching and peer networks,  There is a direct link between coaching and productivity.

Who do you know who would benefit from this opportunity to refocus their goals and develop self-management and leadership skills?

More: https://www.smartnet.co.nz/cogen/

“… Focus provides tools of goal-setting not dealt with elsewhere.”

“…the most profitable day I have had for quite some time.”

“Time out to re-evaluate directions and goals”.
Chartered Accountant

“It gave me the ability to attain the goals that up till now have been a confused mass in my mind.”   General Manager


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