About Silververve

Silververve is an evolving live and online network of mature, lively people who seek to place value on the worth of their experience, knowledge and wisdom for organisations and the wider community.

People in the Silververve Network  reject conventional stereotypes of retirement in favour of “re-tyrement”.  They are keen to get some new Third Age life traction and satisfaction through finding stimulating and rewarding ways of sharing their knowledge, skills and experience. Silververve is for those who want to remain mentally, physically and socially active. It is for those who want to find a new purpose and who wish to continue to make a difference.  It is definitely not for the retiring!

Revaluing Mature Knowledge

“Anything you want is yours now.Hi Ho Silver Lining   Jeff Beck 

In an age awash with data and information Silververve seeks to revalue the worth of mature knowledge and wisdom to organisations and the wider community.
Expert knowledge, such as that associated with higher level skills, is stored in brain cells known as dendritic spines. These are a metaphorical silver lining which protects against ageing.

Activity can increase your brain power.

Keeping active can increase your brain power. Scientists have discovered that the human brain can improve with advancing years, dispelling the common belief that a person’s mental faculties peak in their twenties…”
Brain power peaks in the silver set   

Neuroscientific research  shows that, apart from a sad minority, older people are able to retain a highly relevant range of skills and knowledge honed by experience.  Despite slower brain speed, older people are less affected by hormonal swings and solve problems more efficiently, drawing on cognitive template of how they resolved past problems.

“Age is opportunity no less than youth itself, though in a different dress”.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow