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 Personal & Leadership Development for Millennials+         Infinity Bridge UK

 Co=Gen: Bridging Generations-Nurturing Talent    

“Cogeneration” is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. Co=Gen is our metaphor for harnessing human energy in the workplace by inter-generational interaction.

Co=Gen Coaching is a dynamic personal and leadership development modular programme on the Zoom Platform for  potential and emerging leaders in the age range 21-39.

The programme is facilitated by experienced Silververve coaches who bridge the generational gap to unlock the creative energy of Millennials through knowledge and resource sharing.

“…you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.”

How can Co=Gen put potential leaders onto a sustainable personal and professional growth arc?  Through a spaced diet of food for thought and action, small group discussions plus takeaway resources, supportive coaching and peer networks,  There is a direct link between coaching and productivity.

Covid-19 has re-shaped the way we live and work and accelerated the uptake of digital tools enabling new ways of learning and working. Co=Gen is a great opportunity for Millennials+ to develop the personal and leadership skills needed to adapt to a world that will never be the same and to help shape the contours of the fast unfolding future.

Who would benefit from this opportunity to develop their self-management and leadership skills now?

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