Co=Gen Coaching

-Personal and Leadership Development for Millennials+

 Bridging Generations-Nurturing Talent  Infinity Bridge  UK  

Co=Gen is a dynamic personal and leadership development programme on the Zoom Platform for potential and emerging leaders in the age range 21-39.

“Cogeneration” is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. Co=Gen is our metaphor for harnessing human energy in the workplace by inter-generational interaction.

Covid has re-shaped the way we live and work. Co=Gen is a great opportunity for Millennials+ to develop the personal and leadership skills needed to adapt.

“…you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf”. Jon Kabat-Zinn 

With Co=Gen coaching and resources, emerging and potential leaders can play a bigger role in their own development and create new possibilities.  Silververve coaches supply a bite-sized diet of food for thought and action and DIY takeaway tools .

Coaching and Productivity
The ability to engage with Millennials is critical to fostering a future-oriented, inclusive and innovative organization. What matters to Millennials?  What motivates them and how have their career paths and travel aspirations been affected by Covid lockdowns and uncertainty?  Understanding and engaging with them through the power of coaching will improve what employers want: talent retention and productivity.

The Co=Gen programme is timely (and easily managed time-wise) for those who wish to accelerate their personal and leadership growth  It is particularly relevant for those working full-time or part-time from home.

Self Contained Modules
“Leadership begins within, and to have a better career, start by building a better you”Robin S. Sharma
Each self-contained Co=Gen module comprises 5 once a week 75 minute Zoom Meetings comprising stimulating presentations and breakouts conversations.  These are reinforced between sessions by access to key digital resources and followed up by small group coaching and feedback once the 5 x weekly Zoom Meetings are completed.

Module 1: Focus on Your Future
“Escaping the gravitational pull of old habits, exploring inner space, setting and getting new goals”. Lyall Lukey
Module 1 focuses on balanced goal-setting and goal-getting as well as building support networks. The initial commitment is just to this first module which is a valuable personal and leadership development experience by itself.  But it could also be the first step on an escalator of spaced modules supporting ongoing development. 

More on Co=Gen:
https://www.smartnet.co.nz/cogen/coaching-power/ https://www.smartnet.co.nz/cogen/integrated-support/

Micro Learning and Coaching = Macro Results 

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